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Before you start an appeal, it is a good idea to ensure that the decision you want to appeal can be appealed to the Board. The only decisions that can be appealed to the Board are ones made with authority given to the decision-maker under the Environmental Management Act, Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act, Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Renewable and Low Carbon Fuel Requirements) Act, Integrated Pest Management Act, Mines Act, Water Sustainability Act, Water Users’ Communities Act, Wildlife Act, or Zero-Emission Vehicles Act. You can read information sheets on each act, to see if your decision can be appealed to the Board, by clicking here.

To file your appeal, you need to provide the Board with a signed document containing:

  • your name and contact information (including address, phone number, and email);
  • the name and contact information (including address, phone number, and email) of anyone who will represent you in the appeal;
  • details of the decision (the date it was made – if known, who made it, and how and when you received the decision);
  • the reasons(s) you think the decision is wrong; and
  • what you would like the Board to do about the decision you are appealing.

The Board has created a Notice of Appeal form. You do not have to use it, but it provides space to fill in all the details you have to provide, in order to start an appeal with the Board. The Notice of Appeal can be sent in by mail, fax, or email, or it can be delivered to the Board’s office in person. All of that contact information can be found here. Be aware, generally you must start an appeal within 30 days of receiving a decision! If you do not have all the information you need to provide, send in what you have before your time limit is up; the Board will give a reasonable time for you to complete your Notice of Appeal, once it is filed.

If possible, include a copy of the decision you are appealing with the Notice of Appeal. If you do not, the Board will likely contact you to ask for a copy of the decision.

After you have submitted a Notice of Appeal, the Board will contact you to confirm receipt. If the Board has any questions or concerns, they will let you know.