• Virginia F. Walden; Donald and Debra Smith; Joan and Jim Morgotch v. Environmental Health Officer

    Decision Date:
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    Decision Numbers:
    99-HEA-06 99-HEA-09 99-HEA-10
    Third Party:
    Eric Cook, Permit Holder Ken Sargent, Participant


    Decision Date: May 28, 1999

    Panel: Toby Vigod

    Keywords: Consent order; sewage disposal permit.

    This was an appeal of the decision of the Environmental Health Officer (“EHO”) to issue a sewage disposal permit to Eric McCook.

    The Board ordered, by the consent of the parties and pursuant to its authority: (1) that the permit be modified from the proposed and existing conventional septic system to a packaged sewage system with a designed flow rate; (2) that the Permit Holder apply for a Ministry of Environment waste management permit within 30 days of approval of the packaged sewage treatment system by the EHO, and that the one year time period for construction start from the date of approval by the EHO; (3) that the permit be modified to incorporate the existing 13 cabins on the Permit Holder’s property; (4) that the health permit be limited to 20 cabins of which some have laundry facilities, one office with caretakers suite and one separate laundry facility; and (5) that the existing covenant be discharged upon the approval of the design of the sewage treatment system.