A catalogue of previous decisions, from 1982 to present, is available here. The full text of all published decisions is available below and, in many cases, summaries created by EAB staff, as interpreted by staff, are available as well.

Decisions may be searched by any word(s) in the style of cause (for example, “Robert Jones v. Director of Fish & Wildlife, Ministry of Forests”). To search, enter text in white box next to the magnifying glass icon, and either press enter or click on the magnifying glass.

You can also search by the Act under which appeals were brought to the EAB, if you first click on the link “Catalogue of Appeal Decisions”, below.

Catalogues of cabinet reviews and judicial reviews of EAB decisions are also available, and can be searched using the same function.

EAB decisions up to 2023 are also available through LexisNexis® Quicklaw®. All decisions are available