• Eric Christian v. Conservation Officer

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    Decision Date: April 13, 2000

    Panel: Toby Vigod

    Keywords: Wildlife Act – s. 2; Wildlife Act Permit Regulations – s. 1; Ministry Procedure Manual – v. 4, s. 7, ss. 12.04; deer antlers; permit to possess dead wildlife

    This was an appeal by Eric Christian against a decision of the Conservation Officer refusing Mr. Christian a permit to possess a set of antlers from a dead Vancouver Island Black Tailed Deer that he found along a roadside in Campbell River. The deer possessed a very unique set of antlers for a Vancouver Island Black Tailed Deer. Mr. Christian sought an order requiring the Conservation Officer to issue him a permit for possession of the antlers.

    The Panel found that the Conservation Officer correctly weighed the benefits of government use versus private possession in deciding not to issue a permit in this case. The Panel agreed with the Officer that the unique set of antlers would provide a greater benefit if they are available for public viewing through educational use by the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, than if they are mounted in Mr. Christian’s home. The appeal was dismissed.