• Maurice Bailey, Porrah Development Ltd., and Harrop Environmental Services Inc. v. Regional Waste Manager

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    Pacific Regeneration Technologies, Third Party


    Decision Date: April 28, 2000

    Panel: Toby Vigod

    Keywords: Waste Management Act – s. 48; stay application

    The Appellants applied for a stay of a waste permit issued by the Regional Waste Manager to Pacific Regeneration Technologies Inc. (“PRT”), authorizing the discharge of effluent from a spray irrigation system onto a hybrid poplar plantation near Harrop, B.C.

    The Board found that the Appellants had raised serious issues of procedural fairness in their appeals. However, the Board found that the Appellants had not made a prima facie case that they, or the environment, would suffer irreparable harm if the permit was not stayed. Furthermore, the Board found that the balance of convenience did not weigh in favour of a stay of the permit. The application for a stay was denied.