• Jeff Beckley v. Regional Wildlife Manager

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    Decision Date: March 7, 2002

    Panel: Carol Quin

    Keywords: Wildlife Act – ss. 48(1), 51(1), 59(1), 60(1); bull moose; guide outfitter; quota

    Mr. Beckley appealed the Regional Manager’s decision to reduce Mr. Beckley’s bull moose quota for 2001 to 1 bull moose, from his previous quota of 2 bull moose. Mr. Beckley argued that the Regional Manager’s decision was unreasonable because he had made the decision in a manner that was counter-productive to conserving the moose population.

    The Board was satisfied that the Regional Manager made his decision primarily based on the moose population surveys and Ministry population estimates that were available to him. The Board also found that Mr. Beckley did not present any other data to support the claim that the quota reduction was unwarranted and that he provided only anecdotal information to refute the Ministry’s information about the declining moose population in the Kootenay area. On the evidence presented, the Board found that the Regional Manager’s decision was reasonable. Accordingly, the appeal was dismissed.