• Thomas Hobby and SC Ventures Inc. v. Assistant Regional Water Manager

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    0716880 B.C. Ltd.; 071886 B.C. Ltd.; 0716892 B.C. Ltd.; 0716927 B.C. Ltd.; 0716930 B.C. Ltd.; 0716945 B.C. Ltd.; 0716961 B.C. Ltd.; 0716967 B.C. Ltd.; 1028706 B.C. Ltd.; Malahat First Nation, Participants


    Decision Date: September 12, 2017

    Panel: Alan Andison

    Keywords: Administrative Tribunals Act – ss. 17(2), 47(1)(a); application for costs; settlement order

    The Participant, 0716880 B.C. Ltd., and the Appellants reached a settlement regarding the quantum of appeal costs that the Appellants would pay to 0716880 B.C. Ltd.

    The Board had previously decided (Decision No. 2015-WAT-008(b), March 20, 2017) that there were special circumstances in this case which warranted an award of costs against the Appellants, jointly and severally, in favour of the Assistant Regional Water Manager and the Participants. Regarding the quantity of costs, the Board found that the appeal involved matters of ordinary difficulty, and therefore, costs should be awarded based on Scale B of the BC Supreme Court Civil Rules. The Board requested that the Assistant Regional Water Manager and the Participants file claims for their appeal-related costs if they could not reach an agreement with the Appellants regarding the quantum of costs.

    Subsequently, 0716880 B.C. Ltd. and the Appellants reached an agreement that the Appellants would pay $4,400 to 0716880 B.C. Ltd. as full settlement of its appeal costs. Accordingly, the Board issued an order to that effect under section 17(2) of the Administrative Tribunals Act.