• Wendy Dubbin v. Administrator, Pesticide Control Act

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    89/15 PES
    Third Party:
    British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority, Permit Holder


    Decision Date: October 2, 1989

    Panel: F.A. Hillier

    This was a written appeal where the appellant appealed a pesticide use permit which allowed the respondent to spray the pesticide Round-Up to a transmission line right of way near Lac La Hache. The appellant alleged that its application would result in an adverse effect on the environment and in particular the effects on her sources of domestic water.

    The Board upheld the permits. It found no adverse effects would occur on the drinking water finding that the concentration in the water would be well below the health standard. It further commented that although it is bound by the Court of Appeal rulings that where a pesticide is federally registered it is presumed safe, it nevertheless investigates any adverse effects on its own. However, in this case no additional conditions were placed upon the permit as it already provided for pesticide use free zones around any water bodies.