• Rose Fendick v. Administrator, Pesticide Control Act

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    89/19 PES
    Third Party:
    Ministry of Forests, Permit Holder


    Decision Date: November 21, 1989

    Panel: Dr. Anthony A. Larsen, Marjorie Ryan, G. Ron Knight

    The Appellant appealed a pesticide use permit issued to the Respondent to apply Vision herbicide to recently restored forest land in the Cassiar Forest District. The Appellants grounds for appeal were that the spraying would: have an unreasonable effect on human health and human food supplies; and on animal life; will have an unreasonable effect on domestic water supplies, and there are alternative methods which will have a less harmful effect. The Appellants also maintained that the permit was granted on the basis of incomplete and incorrect information.

    The Board dismissed the appeal finding that the herbicide has undergone extensive evaluation by the Ministry of Agriculture and can be safely used in the terms specified in the permit. The Board found no unacceptable risks to humans, and the Respondent was well qualified to carry out the spraying.