• Lake District Friends of the Environment v. Administrator, Pesticide Control Act

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    Ministry of Forests, Permit Holder


    Decision Date: January 26, 1990

    Panel: James Warr, William Godolphin, Dr. Anthony Larsen

    The appellants appealed pesticide use permits issued to the respondent to apply Vision to forested lands in the Morice Forest District. The grounds for appeal were: that the spraying would have an unreasonable impact on the environment, humans, wildlife, and the water supply; the effects will be more harmful than beneficial; the permit was issued based on incorrect information, and the procedure for public notification was not incompliance with the Pesticide Control Act.

    The Board dismissed the appeal finding no irregularities in the permitting process and no breach of the public notification requirements. There was no evidence submitted showing the use of alternative methods would achieve the desired results. The Board further found the respondent possessed the necessary expertise and experience to apply the herbicide safely.