• Douglas Schuk v. Director, Wildlife Branch

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    G. Bracewell, Third Party


    Decision Date: June 29, 1990

    The appellant appealed the decision of the respondent allocating guide outfitter territory in the area around Tatlayoko Lake. The appellant currently shares the territory with a 3rd party to the appeal Gerry Bracewell. He wanted the territory divided equally as he made his living off guide outfitting while the 3rd party had diversified into other areas.

    The Board found the Respondent had exercised his discretion was properly exercised. The territory was allocated on the basis of the existing land formations and a simple 50-50 split was not possible. The Board refused to rule on the differences between the two guiding businesses as a factor in the appeal. It urged the Respondent to develop a more effective procedure for settling territory disputes.