• Michael Moleski v. Deputy Director, Wildlife Branch

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    Decision Date: December 31, 1990

    Panel: Linda Michaluk, Jos Van Hage

    Mr. Moleski appealed a decision of the Deputy Director of Wildlife for possession of a Mountain Sheep which he had shot. The Deputy Director refused permission due to the Mountain Sheep in question being undersized. Mr. Moleski gave evidence that he honestly believed when he shot the sheep that it was of legal size.

    The Board upheld the permit. It did not accept the appellant’s contention that the horns have shrunk since the time of shooting. Although the method for counting annuli on mountain sheep as a method for determining the age is not 100% accurate it is the method used throughout the province. The Board upheld the director’s reasons that a person should not be allowed to keep wildlife parts gained from an illegal act. However the Board did recommend that a standard method of measuring sheep horns as well as a standard method of transportation and storage be put in place.