• F. Coffey; L. Lloyd v. Administrator, Pesticide Control Act

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    Canada Minister of Agriculture, Permit Holder


    Decision Date: April 8, 1993

    Panel: Linda Michaluk, Heather Michel, Dr. John Smith

    Two appeals against the issuance of Pesticide Use Permit 214-013-93/94 authorizing the aerial and ground spray of FORAY 48B (BtK) for eradication of european gypsy moth at Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring Island.

    The grounds for appeal were based on health concerns and on possible damage to public perception regarding the organic status of Salt Spring produce. Also before the Panel were several permit amendments requested by the permit holder which reflected agreements reached with certain members of the public. While the Panel found there was no evidence presented to prove the Appellants’ allegations and denied the appeals, the permit amendments were granted to ensure the permitted application matched the public expectation. As a result, the permit area was reduced significantly, the authorization for aerial application was withdrawn and the permit term was shortened to one year.

    The Panel recommended, among other things, that Agriculture Canada require the release of the full formulation of any pesticide that is approved for use in urban areas.