• Lower Mainland Appellant Group v. Deputy Administrator, Pesticide Control Act

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    Canada Minister of Agriculture, Permit Holder


    Decision Date: April 8, 1993

    Linda Michaluk, Dr. Elizabeth Keay, Colin Palmer

    Fifteen appeals against the issuance of Pesticide Use Permit 214-026-93/94 authorizing the aerial and ground spray of FORAY 48B (BtK) for eradication of european gypsy moth in certain areas of Burnaby, Richmond and Vancouver.

    The grounds for appeal concerned such things as the health and environmental effects of FORAY 48B, the need for the eradication program, violations of the label and Pesticide Control Act Regulation, and certain permit conditions including duration and application methods. The Panel found there was no evidence to show that the use of the pesticide as authorized would result in an unreasonable adverse environmental impact and the appeals were denied. The permit was amended to reflect the intentions of the permit holder in that the permit area was reduced. The Panel made several recommendations covering such areas as physical information, advertising of pesticide use permits, public information programs, label issues, worker safety and information regarding the full formulation of pesticides which are used in urban areas.