• Revelstoke Environmental Action Committee v. Deputy Administrator, Pesticide Control Act

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    Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation; Evans Forest Products Ltd., Permit Holders


    Decision Date: March 10, 1994

    Panel: Linda Michaluk, Harry D.C. Higgins, Laurie Nowakowski

    In the matter of appeal under s15 of the Pesticide Control Act, RS Chap. 322, 1979, on Pesticide Use Permit 221-092-93/95, issued by the Deputy Administrator, Pesticide Control Act, to spray VISION to 292.8 ha of forest land. Westar Timber Ltd. obtained a permit allowing the spraying of VISION to 292.8 ha of forest land. The lands in question were subsequently transferred to the Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation and Evans Forest Products Ltd. The Revelstoke Environmental Action Committee, a local concerned group, appealed the permit.

    Although there was no evidence that the use of the permit would result in loss of biodiversity, soil degradation or erosion, the Board was concerned that the permit was issued before all of the comments of the Regional Pesticide Review Committee were received. The comments of the Committee’s wildlife expert had not been received when the permit was issued. Although the permit would probably have been amended to include these comments, the Board was concerned that this made wildlife appear secondary to the other factors that were considered. This approach deprived the public and the permit holder of valuable information about the area’s wildlife population. Also, there would be no obligation to advertise an amendment to the public. The Board amended the permit to minimise any impact on wildlife and then dismissed the appeal.