• Roger Elmsley v. Greater Vancouver Regional District

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    Houweling Nurseries Ltd., Permit Holder


    Decision Date: August 12, 1994

    Panel: Ms. K. Gibson – Chair, Mr. H. Higgins and Dr. E. Keay

    Roger Emsley’s neighbour, Houweling Nurseries Ltd., was granted an Air Quality Discharge Permit to allow it to operate a greenhouse heated by burning wood waste. Mr. Emsley made a series of complaints about the burning to the Greater Vancouver Regional District and then, when the permit was re-issued and amended, appealed the matter to the Board.

    Although there had been some previous violations of the Permit, the Board was satisfied that Houweling Nurseries was making real efforts to comply with the permit. The Board had questions about the criteria used to determine the discharge levels required by the District’s Air Quality Director for the protection of the environment, but found that the levels set out in the permit did meet this standard. Finally, the Board felt that the District’s responses to earlier complaints from Mr. Emsley were adequate. The appeal was denied, but the Board did recommend a series of steps to more closely monitor the emissions resulting from the permit holder and to mitigate any pollution.