• Dick Blewett v. Deputy Director of Wildlife

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    Decision Date: February 3, 1995

    Panel: Carol Martin

    Dick Blewett, a guide outfitter, participated in talks with resident hunters which he believed would result in a reallocation of grizzlies and an increase in his quota. In anticipation of this he took on extra clients and exceeded his quota. After the agreement was implemented, the Regional Manager penalised Mr. Blewett by reducing his quota. On appeal, the Deputy Director further decreased the quota, and Mr. Blewett appealed to the Board.

    It may be difficult for a guide to know how many clients to book when a quota change is expected, but the guide is nonetheless responsible for meeting the quota. While communication between outfitters and the Fish and Wildlife Branch might be improved, this did not entitle the appellant to presume the outcome of the talks. The Board found no evidence that the appellant was treated unfairly and the appeal was dismissed.